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My name is Kris Warner. I'm a software developer. (And many other things too; the software development is the focus here.)

At work, I would say that I'm about 3/4 developer and 1/4 sysadmin. Much of my experience is in developing HTTP APIs and doing backend web work, though I also have some frontend web experience (more in HTML, CSS, and Rust/Wasm than in JavaScript). I enjoy wrangling data from APIs, databases, and various kinds of files. I'm competent in SQL and database administration. I'm at home on a Linux machine, and have typically been responsible for deploying services I've built, as well as setting up the underlying infrastructure that they are deployed on.

Outside of work, my interests veer towards desktop tools (command-line or GUI). I've just scratched the surface of systems and embedded programming, and I'm eager to make time to go deeper on both of those subjects. I'm an advocate of free and open source software and think that privacy and security should be high priorities when considering using any software.

More detailed information on things I've done or that I'm currently working on can be found in projects. If you think you might be interested in hiring me, either in a full-time or consulting capacity, take a look at my resume and contact me one of the ways listed there.